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At over 11,000' above sea level, Cuzco takes your breath away both literally and figuratively. Nestled in the Andes, this is the continent's oldest continually inhabited city and a great hub for exploring the magnificent archaeological sites nearby. You'll have the opportunity to go back in time over 500 years to learn about the Inca warriors as well as meander through cobble stoned streets, reflecting both the Incan and colonial past.

Cuzco has many highlights and AR Tourism Peru has created a variety of tour options, offering visitors the chance to explore multiple aspects of this city and its ancient surroundings.

Cusco Highlights:

This city is a compelling mix. Students and travelers rub shoulders with the progeny of the Incas. Peruvian Spanish mingles with the language of tourists, complemented by the Quechua, spoken by the locals making their living alongside the stepped streets.

Dining Opportunities are abundant in Cusco Dining
Cuzco is a tourist town and its restaurants reflect the tastes of its visitors. While you'll easily find recognizable foods such as pizza and hamburgers, you'll also have the chance to try Andean dishes, including stuffed avocado and the famed "Cuy", roasted guinea pig, a delicacy in this region.

An Ancient Incan Wall in the modern part o fCusco Inca Culture and Ruins
The greatest, most accessible archaeological discovery on the continent is the famed Machu Picchu. But as the former center of Inca life, the Cuzco region has many smaller ruins, offering glimpses of life during the time of the Inca warriors.

Cusco Tours:

The Cathedral in the middle of Cusco Half-Day City Tour and Nearby Ruins
As you acclimate to Cuzco's altitude, a relaxing overview of the city and nearby ruins offers plenty of chances to take deep breaths. You'll begin in town, with a stop at Santo Domingo Convent Monastery. In it's first incarnation, this was a temple for worshipping the Sun God. You'll also visit the Plaza de Armas before driving to the nearby countryside to admire some of the Inca's handiwork.

The Plaza de Armas in front of a Cusco Cathedral Half-Day San Blas Walking Tour
Around every curving street in the San Blas neighborhood a new surprise awaits. You'll visit the area's beautiful colonial church with an intricate filigree carving. Then you'll have a chance to wander into some of the numerous artisan shops, where native art is available and the past and the present collide.

The picturesque and quiet village of Ollantaytambo Full-Day Ollantaytambo and Pisac Market
The Urubamba valley is home to the Inca's past. Ollantaytambo was one of the final structures built, even as the Spaniards were arriving and threatening the Inca Empire. After admiring the handiwork of the Incas, you'll have a chance to practice your bartering skills in Pisac's famous outdoor market where textiles, pottery and more abound.

The Glorious View of Machu Picchu Full-Day Machu Picchu Excursion
No trip to Peru is complete without a visit to this wonder. You'll take an early morning train to the village of Aguas Calientes. Here, you'll transfer to a motor coach to traverse the hill to "The Lost City of the Incas." An expert guide will lead you around the magnificent citadel and share the secrets of Inca architecture and their way of life. Then, you'll have free time to wander and admire this awe-inspiring edifice on your own.

Cusco Featured Hotels:

Hotel Monasterio
Originally a monastery, this luxurious hotel is housed in a building dating back to 1592. In spite of its history, the hotel offers all modern amenities. In the heart of Cuzco, the hotel is a short two-block walk away from the Plaza De Armas and offers a relaxing retreat after sightseeing. Fine dinging with a variety of international and Peruvian cuisines is offered, as is a more casual style restaurant.
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Other Featured Hotels in Cusco and Nearby
In Cusco, and in the nearby Sacred Valley, you have the option of also staying at some other excellent hotels. Each of these hotels is centrally located, luxuriously furnished and will not disappoint. Please read the descriptions below.
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