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The culture and natural beauty of Peru
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The following amazing destinations await visitors to Peru.

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Lima
It is impossible to visit Peru without a stop in Lima, but the city is much more than simply a place to change planes. The vibrant capital city offers the trends of Europe while retaining its unique Peruvian charm. An increasing European influence is leaving its mark on dining opportunities, but a traditional ceviche is still easy to find. Admire the colonial buildings of Barranco while experiencing a thoroughly modern nightlife, and walk across the Puente de Suspiros en Barranco ("Bridge of Sighs") to reflect on your Peruvian adventure.
Lima Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Nazca
The Nazca lines are one of South America's biggest mysteries. These huge geometric shapes, best viewed on a plane ride over them, have caused disagreement and controversy amongst many a scholar. No one knows for sure how they were created, but a flight above will let you ponder the possibilities.
Nazca Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Machu Picchu
This ancient citadel is a must see on any trip to Peru. Whether you get there by bus, train or on foot via the Inca Trail, get there! You'll want to observe the incredible architecture, the breathtaking scenery, the magical ambiance that is this wonder of the world. Tucked into the side of a mountain, the Inca city is a trip back 500 years as you wander the grounds.
Nazca Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Puno
On the banks of Lake Titicaca, Puno is the port on the Peruvian side of this lake, which crosses over the Bolivian border. At 12,000' above sea level, Lake Titicaca is unique for its size at high altitude. When you visit, you'll have the chance to meet some of the indigenous communities still living on the lake. And when you're done with the water, you can see pre-Inca ruins nearby the city.
Puno Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Trujillo
Before there were Incas, the Chimus were here. Before there were Chimus, the Moches were here. Now, you'll be here, exploring the ruins these once great civilizations left behind. Well-preserved ruins from both cultures combined with modern-day Trujillo's colonial charm make this northern city one to visit.
Trujillo Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Chiclayo
Peru's fastest-growing city was popular with ancient civilizations as well. The surrounding area contains two of Peru's most unique sites. The pyramids of Tucume are impressive, featuring over 20 pyramids, with little known about their origin. And the recently discovered tomb of Sipan is an ancient burial ground currently being excavated.
Chiclayo Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Manu
The largest protected area within the Amazon jungle, tented camps and unique bungalows offer the opportunity to hear the cacophonous nighttime world of the rainforest. Birders are truly in paradise, with more diversity here than anywhere else in the rainforest. For all who appreciate wildlife, the colors and sites of this part of the jungle are not to be missed!
Manu Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Arequipa
The closest city to the magnificent Colca Canyon, Arequipa is a lovely city to behold with its white buildings constructed from volcanic rock. The canyon is a great opportunity to appreciate nature, whether by hiking down into the canyon or perusing from above.
Arequipa Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Amazon
The very word Amazon evokes visions of an alternate universe, where wildlife rules amongst the thick forests and indigenous people still live within it's boundaries. The river offers a unique type of cruising, with luxury services combined with amazing natural beauty. Jungle tours can also happen on land, and provide glimpses of other wildlife.
Amazon Trip Information

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Iquitos
The largest city in the Amazon region, Iquitos is reachable only by air or sea as no roads make their way through the jungle. The city offers a bit of culture and fine dining and is a perfect way station for visits into the jungle.
Iquitos Trip Information

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