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Inca Trail
Step back in time and go walking on the footsteps of the Inca warriors of centuries past by trekking part of the ancient Inca Trail. A variety of options, with a varying degree of difficulty await those who challenge themselves by hiking through Andean cloud forests for a majestic arrival at Machu Picchu's Sun Gate, and a first glimpse of the ancient city.

Inca Trail Highlights:
Andean Cloud Forest
With mist glistening off the trees, you'll feel as though you've entered a fairy tale when walking on parts of the trail. Inca ingenuity includes tunnels carved through the rock and hanging trees with bright green leaves create a magical ambience for much of your hike.

Intipunku, the Sun Gate
Marvel at the technological achievements of the architects of Machu Picchu with your arrival at the Sun Gate. This spot is perfectly aligned to allow the rising sun to cast its first glow of day upon the citadel, and is dedicated to the Sun god of Inca times.

Inca Trail 2 Day / 1 Night Tour:
Day 1
Before dawn, you'll board the train to KM 104 on the Cuzco- Machu Picchu railroad. You'll begin with a tour of the Chachabamba site to introduce you to Inca ruins. You'll hike for 8KM - about 4 hours- to the impressive complex of Winaywayna and visit the archaeological, religious and urban centers. The hike offers magnificent views of the Urubamba River valley and a lovely waterfall. You'll finish the day with about an hour of easy walking to Intipunku, the Sun Gate, where you will have your first glimpse of Machu Picchu. You'll conclude your hike with a descent into Machu Picchu before transferring to your local hotel to relax for the evening.

Day 2
Awake early to enjoy your guided tour of this archaeological gem. After the tour, you can explore on your own, visit the temple of the Moon and the Inca Bridge. You'll spend the afternoon in the quaint town of Aguas Calientes, practicing your bargaining skills with local handicraft vendors. After purchasing souvenirs, you'll board the train back to Cuzco, where you will arrive after dark, having experienced one of the world's most unique sites.

Inca Trail 4 Day / 3 Night Tour:
Day 1
A pre-dawn start brings you, via bus, to KM 82 where you'll begin your trek. Walking alongside the Urubamba River, you ascend to view the Inca city of Patallacta. From here, you'll begin a gradual ascent to Wayllabamba village where you'll spend your first night, camping with views of Veronica peak.

Day 2
You'll awaken early in the fresh mountain air and enjoy a hearty breakfast, preparing you for the most challenging day of your trek. You'll be hiking for about 9KM, climbing over the 13,769' Warmiwanusca - or Dead Woman's- Pass. In addition to the steep grade and magnificent views, the high altitude will leave you breathless. After reaching the summit, you'll descend into the Pacaymayo valley where you will spend your second night camping, sleeping deeply after a day of great accomplishments.

Day 3
Today, you'll hike for many hours, but nothing will be as steep as yesterday's pass. You'll start your hiking going up a second pass and take a break halfway up to visit the archaeological site of Pacaymayo. After appreciating the former watchtower here, you'll continue over the pass to the impressive Sayamarca complex. From here, you'll truly follow the footsteps of the Incas; walking on the very stone paths they built hundreds of years ago. The cloud forest you'll walk in takes on a mystical quality, and you will appreciate the unique flora of the area. You'll arrive at your final campsite of the trek, Winaywayna. This well-developed site includes a lodge with a restaurant and bar as well as hot showers, so you can relax and enjoy the effort you've made on your Inca trail trek so far.

Day 4
You'll awaken before dawn to hike to the Sun Gate, and watch the sun rise over the Lost City of the Incas- Machu Picchu itself. As the first light of day bathes the ancient citadel in a warm glow, you'll congratulate yourself on you accomplishment. From here, you'll descend into Machu Picchu just as the ancient Incas did upon arrival. After stowing your packs, you'll receive a detailed guided tour, learning about the technological achievements of these ancient people. The afternoon is free for more wanderings and the chance to climb Huayna Picchu, where you can view the citadel from above. Your day concludes with a chance to wander in the town of Aguas Calinetes, meeting and bargaining with the locals of today, and the opportunity to soak your tired trekking muscles in the natural thermal baths. In the late afternoon, you'll catch the train to Cuzco, arriving after dark, and ready to sleep in a comfortable bed!

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