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Lima, the capital city, is home to almost a third of Peru's citizens. You'll want to explore this bustling modern city, which houses a rich Peruvian history. You can examine pre-Columbian art in the morning, appreciate a colonial church in the afternoon and spend the evening dining and dancing in post-millennial luxury.

Peru has many highlights and AR Tourism Peru has created a variety of tour options, offering visitors the chance to explore multiple aspects of this capital city.

Lima Highlights:

People and Neighborhoods
With a population of over 8 million people, Lima houses a diverse mix of Peruvians. One commonality shared by all is the openness and friendliness of Limenos who enjoy stopping on the street to share secrets of their city with interested tourists. Some neighborhoods, such as Rimac, boast a rich, colonial history, while others, like Miraflores, are thoroughly modern with malls and restaurants dotting the ocean shore.

Lima's restaurants rival those of any modern city, with a variety of European restaurants complementing those serving traditional Peruvian fare. Chifas are Chinese restaurants offering delicious noodle dishes and the proximity of the coast means seafood, often prepared as ceviche, is an easily attainable delicacy.

Entertainment and Culture
Entertainment options in Lima are rich and varied. As in many Latin American nations, soccer is the national sport, but bull fighting is also popular. Two kinds of traditional Peruvian music, folklorica and criolla, are living art forms and there are ample opportunities to appreciate them. Bars and discos abound offering a variety of musical styles, ensuring there is something to suit anyone's tastes.

Lima Tours:

The amazing facade of a Lima church. Half-Day City Tour
Lima is known as the "City of Kings" and this tour will ensure that you see its highlights. You'll begin at the historic Plaza Major before seeing the San Francisco Monastery. Finally, you'll visit the best-preserved colonial mansion in America before concluding your Lima tour with a drive allowing you to enjoy the gentle breeze of the Pacific Ocean.

Half-Day Arqueologia & Larco Herrera Museums
Trace Peruvian history to Pre-Columbian times with visits to two of Lima's finest museums. Your first stop is at the Museo Arqueologia, where you'll learn of ancient Peruvian cultures. Then you'll go to the Museo Rafael Larco Herrara, which boasts not only one of the worlds' greatest ceramics collections but also an ancient weaving with a world-record 398 threads per inch.

An ancient Inca Artifact in the National Museum Half-Day Colonial Lima and Museo Nacional
Take a peek into Peru's colonial past. You'll begin at the Convento de los Descalzos where you can see the 17th century rooms and admire colonial paintings. You'll proceed to America's best-preserved colonial mansion before admiring a variety of architectural styles in a number of churches. Finally view replicas of Peru's archaeological sites at the Museo Nacional.

Pachacamac Pilgrimage Center near Lima, Peru Half-Day Pachacamac Pilgrimage Center
A short drive brings you back in time over 1000 years to the Pachacamac Pilgrimage Center. This archaeological site allows visitors to see the giant pyramids that were built in tribute to the sun god, Pachacamac, believed to be the creator of the world and its creatures.

Lima Featured Hotel:

Miraflores Luxury Hotel in Lima, Peru Miraflores Park Hotel
The Miraflores Park hotel is a perfect base for fully experiencing all that Lima has to offer. Situated on a cliff, jutting into the Pacific, the five star lodging offers superb panoramic views and a top of the line spa and restaurant. The hotel's location in the upscale neighborhood of Miraflores guarantees that you have a

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