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The Nazca people, who inhabited this part of Peru from 200 AD until 800 AD, were unique, with a culture separate from other coastal inhabitants. Archaeologists have discovered artifacts to help them learn about this culture, and we now have a better understanding of the Nazca people. One question remains, however, and that is the Nazca Lines. These mysterious drawings, visible only from the sky above, remain an enigma. A visit will help you create your own theory as to how and why these lines came to be.

Nazca Highlights:

The mystical shapes seen from the air around Nazca, Peru Nazca Lines
This is the attraction that pulls most people to the area. These etchings in the desert sand are huge geometric designs. Theories abound as to the meaning of these lines. A variety of ideas, from astrological symbols to alien footprints, have been presented. To visualize- and thus appreciate- even one entire drawing you must be in the sky, high above the lines. Only then can you decide which theory you believe- or you can create your own.

The unique ceramics and arts of Nazca, Peru Nazca Ceramics
Using recovered objects, scientists have learned about these ancient people. Their ceramics have drawings, allowing us to learn of their religion, their eating habits and cultural rituals. Such pottery is exhibited at museums in town.

Nazca Tours:

Another elaborate shape that is part of the Nazca Lines of Peru Nazca Full Day Tour
Morning departure by air from Lima takes you to the small colonial town of Ica. From here, you'll travel on a high-wing plane for your exciting trip over the Nazca Lines. The only way to truly appreciate this ancient mystery is by air, and you'll have a bird's eye view of the markings. Lunch in Ica is followed by a visit to the regional museum and the healing waters of the Huacachina Lagoon before your return flight to Lima.

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