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The third-largest city in Peru, this northern coastal town retains much of its colonial charm. It Is also a convenient place to explore a variety of archaeological sites, belonging to the Moche and Chimu civilizations. Trujillo and its environs offer a chance to learn about some ancient civilizations who pre-date the Inca conquests.

Trujillo Highlights:

The Moche people left excellent ceramics for our generation to marvel at. Moche
These ancient peoples inhabited the north of Peru around 0-1000 AD. Moche culture is most famous for its ceramics, considered technologically and artistically superior to other cultures. The scenes depicted on these offer insight to this historic civilization.

The Chanchan citadel of the Chimu people Chimu
The Chimu ruled the Trujillo area from about 1000-1470AD. The best example of their urban society is at the Chan Chan citadel, where it is believed as many as 60,000 people resided at one point.

Trujillo Tours:

The colorful buildings in the middle of Trujillo Half-Day City Tour and the Archaeology Museum
Spend a half-day wandering around the pastel-colored buildings of Trujillo. The colonial buildings here are different than other Peruvian cities because of these colors and wrought iron grill work in front of many of the buildings. You'll enjoy the spacious main square. Finish with a visit to the Archaeology museum to get an overview of the numerous ancient sites in the area.

Trujillo's impressive Cathedral Half-Day City Tour and Chan Chan Citadel
First, spend time exploring Trujillo's colonial past. You'll appreciate the pastel colors and ironwork exhibited on many of the colonial buildings and enjoy wandering the Plaza del Armas. Finish with a visit to the capital of the ancient Chimu Empire. This adobe city pre-dates the Incas and at one time, housed over 60,000 Chimus, in a variety of smaller urban centers within the metropolis.

Archelogical site Brujo and images of ancient civilizations Half-day Brujo Archaeological Complex
Be one of the few tourists to visit this site, which is currently being excavated. The friezes are well preserved and feature multi-colored images of warriors, priests and others.

The famous Huaca Dragon, an ancient Chimu site Full Day Moche, Huanchaco Beach, Chan Chan Citadel and Huaca Dragon
In the morning, you'll head south of Trujillo to visit the religious center of the Moche culture, a pre-Inca people known for their pottery. You'll see the Temple of the Sun, the largest adobe structure in the world. After lunch at a local restaurant, you'll visit the beach of Huanchaco. A stop at the enormous Chan Chan Citadel offers a glimpse into the Chimu, a post-Moche culture. Finally, you'll stop at the Huaca dragon, a well-preserved Chimu site.

The recently-discovered lord of Sipan Tomb near Chiclayo Full Day Sipan and Bruning Archaeological Museum
Today, you'll head north of Trujillo to Chiclayo, a thriving coastal city. You'll visit the Bruning Archaeological Museum, which houses some important artifacts from the Moche civilization. Lunch at a restaurant allows you to meet some of the friendly locals before you continue to Huaca Rajada. The recently discovered tombs here include that of the "Lord of Sipan" and the "Old Lord of Sipan", considered the most important Peruvian archaeological finds of the last 50 years.
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